The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.

Any mass medium can deliver advertising. Some random examples:

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasts, films, stage shows, websites,
billboards, posters, wall paintings, town criers, human billboards, flyers, rack cards,
the back of event tickets, elastic bands on disposable diapers, bathroom stall doors,
cars, taxicabs, buses, trains, subway platforms, bus stop benches


Advertising appeals are designed in a way so as to create a positive image of the individuals who use certain products. Advertising agencies and companies use different type of advertising appeals to influence the purchasing decisions of people.

Add appeals:-

Rational appeal, Emotional appeal, Moral appeal, indirect appeal, Fear appeal, Social appeal, Humor appeal, Direct appeal, Music appeal.

  •  YOUTH  APPEAL :Like in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Same is the case in our country India. More than half the percentage in our country is  aged  between  18-35. So the main focus of a brand is to attract the youth which is done in one of the best ways by this brand. That is why I choose this brand in the above listed criteria which is the brand appealing youth.


  •  SNOB  APPEAL :- Fashion fades but style is eternal.

‘Status’ is the major word in this criteria. People would obviously love to buy goods which upgrade or say match to their status. As in this brand ‘Nakshatra’ which give an elegant impact to the consumer just by looking at its ad at a glance.




People live for benefits and benefits comes out of discounts and offers given to them during festivals. Vodafone is one of the best in this which gives the best of offers during the festive season which always live up to a customer’s expectations.      



  • SEX APPEALS: Lasts long really long.

Addiction body spray which has a ‘wild’ effects on their consumers. Like as in the ad itself says ‘Lasts long really long’ refers to the long lasting fragrance of the spray.


  •  ADVENTURE APPEAL :Speed thrills but kills.

 Anybody and everybody once or ever in their lifetime experiences or want to experience adventure and Tata safari storm gives that feeling to the customers. In the ad and as well as in the promotional events it mostly emphasizes on adventure for example the roads, tyres, and the grip.


  • DIRECT APPEAL :–   ‘Ab nahi banenge ullu ’

Directly approaching the customers. Like in the new add ‘ab nahi banenge ullu’ it directly emphasizes on the fact that most of the other companies are just fooling people with their useless offers. Idea provides a better all over package with respect to offers.




CR7 being the brand ambassador would but obviously attract the customers itself. Tag heur is the perfect example in this criteria which describes the lifestyle of classic men in its best way.


  • LESS THAN PERFECT APPEAL :–  Everyone wants to be perfect.

They would obviously want to purchase stuff which will improvise them in some or the other of their inadequencies. Dove is one of them which does so in the best way so one would obviously go for it.




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